Fall is a great time to prepare your home for the Winter months. We compiled some helpful indoor and outdoor tips for homeowners to try before the snow and ice arrive.

#1 Clean Gutters & Check Drain Pipes

During the Fall, leaves and other debris accumulate in your gutters. If you do not clear the clogged gutters before winter, they may cause water backups that effect your basement.

After making sure your gutters are clear of leaves, check that your drain pipes are working properly, and water flow is moving away from the house when it rains. If water accumulates at the base of the pipe, this could cause problems for your home like water damage to your basement. There are professionals available to install underground pipes to move roof water away from your home.

#2 Keep it Warm

Before the cold temperatures set in, and your thermostat bumps up a few degrees, do preventative work to help keep the heat inside. Repair windows, add insulation if needed, and caulk around windows and doors.

Have your furnace and boiler inspected by a reputable company. Many offer maintenance plans to ensure you get optimum performance out of your units. It’s better to do preventative work than find yourself calling for an emergency appointment when something stops working.

#3 Get Fire Ready

Before you light a fire on a cold night, be sure to have a certified chimney sweep out to inspect your chimney and give it a good clean. You should ensure vents are clear and in good condition for all appliances that are fueled by burning gas, oil, wood, or coal. Keeping everything maintained helps prevent chimney fires and dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. While you’re at it, test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!

#4 Prune Trees & Shrubs

After the leaves have fallen, you can get a better look at your trees and shrubs to see what condition they are in. If you locate any sickly trees, consider cutting them down now before they fall on your home, or the property of a neighbor.

Fall is not the recommended time to trim trees and shrubs, but if there are branches close to your home, you may want to give them a trim, so icy branches aren’t rubbing up against the side of your home.

#5 Prepare for Snow

Before the first snowfall hits, get your snow blower out and let it run for a little while to check it is working smoothly. No one wants to wait until there are 6 inches of snow on the ground only to discover their snow blower isn’t working. While you’re doing this, check to make sure you have a sturdy shovel and salt ready to go.

Taking steps to prepare your home for the winter months can be daunting, but they’re important to prevent potentially expensive accidents. If an accident does occur, you need the protection of a quality homeowner’s insurance policy to help you through.

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