June is a great month to consider whether you’re satisfied with your boat insurance policy. Have you thought about getting a new quote to see if you can save? Maybe you’ve just purchased a boat, and need insurance?

Here are some aspects to your boat policy you may not have considered before, or didn’t know where available!

1. On-Water Towing

You’re having a great day out on the water with friends and family. Maybe you’re fishing, waterskiing, sailing, or just cruising around. Then, you realize something is wrong. The boat stops working, and now you’re stranded. What do you do? Call for a tow!

That’s right, you can get a tow out on the water, just like you can on the road when your car breaks down.

On-Water Towing:

  • Works like Roadside Assistance
  • We dispatch a tow operator and pay the bill directly
  • No out-of-pocket costs to customer

2. Perpetual Agreed Value & Total Loss Replacement

Having a boat is a big commitment. You probably spend less time on your boat than in the car, but more time maintaining it than your car. Boats are also a big investment, but are a fun recreational activity. We all know nothing is better than a refreshing lake breeze on a hot day.

So, what happens if an accident occurs? What if your boat is damaged or stolen? We have good news for you. We offer total loss replacement, so you’re back on the water in no time.

How does Perpetual Agreed Value and Total Loss Replacement work?

  • Once we agree on a value for the boat, that value stays for as long as the customer chooses to pay the premium.


3. Mechanical Breakdown

Boats are a complex machine, and they encounter many situations where issues arise.  They are stored for winter, tied up to docks, travel on trailers, exposed to various weather conditions, and are put to good use on the water.

With all of this wear, even when you take good care of it, your boat could face mechanical problems. That’s where extra coverage can come in handy!

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage explained:

  • In the event of a mechanical failure, pays to repair or replace the lower unit of an outboard motor and the upper and lower units of a sterndrive motor.

4. General Acceptability

We’re offering increased acceptability for watercraft.

General Acceptability break down:

  • Value – $500,000 for boats up to 10 years old; $250,000 for boats 11-20 years old; $60,000 for boats more than 20 years old. Note: select zip codes in hurricane-prone states are limited to 35 feet in length and $175,000 in value.
  • Up to 700 horsepower for single engines/1,400 horsepower for twin engines on cruisers, motor yachts, and ski/wake boats with inboard engines.
  • Engine configuration – Triple engines are now acceptable on certain outboard motor boats.

It is definitely worth reviewing your Boat Insurance policy to determine whether you have the coverage you need. At Swiss Village Insurance, we can help you obtain this coverage. If you are interested in a quote, please complete our online form or contact us.

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