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At Swiss Village Insurance, both licensed experienced agents and personal customer service representatives are at your fingertips to answer questions, update your policies and review your coverage.

Our agency gives excellent service at competitive prices. Because we sell policies from more than one company, our customers enjoy the broadest range of coverage at the lowest cost.

Kristina Rose

Licensed Agent


Amber Steffen

Customer Service Representative


I am writing to thank you for all of the personal treatment I’ve received from you over the past 6 years. My son, Andrew, learned of Swiss Village Insurance from my brother-in-law. At the time, I was purchasing my insurance from a company in Minerva, they had served us well; but at the insistence of my son, I called your office and spoke to you for the first time. That pleasant, reassuring voice has assisted me through three teenagers into adulthood. No matter what crazy situation my family presented, you always seemed to be able to help us in an economical way. When I needed insurance for a few weeks for my college girl, you scrambled for the best price, you listened to me cry when I wrecked my Dodge, wow…who needs a therapist. You have been the best, Tonya!  I would recommend Swiss Village Insurance to anyone. Thanks for everything!
Valerie Kline

Bolivar, Ohio

Tonya and her staff at Swiss Village Insurance were very professional and helpful when my wife was in an accident this past summer. She made all the necessary calls to the other driver’s insurance company to ensure that every detail was being handled properly. Tonya made sure to stay in constant contact with us every step of the process, from accident report, to rental car, to the day the car was back in our driveway.
Swiss Village Insurance has saved us close to $1,000 a year on our homeowners insurance as well as driver’s policy insurance, even with a teenage driver on the policy!
I highly recommend to call or visit Swiss Village Insurance and speak to Tonya about your insurance needs!
John Solvey

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